Ballymun gangsters

This is the shocking moment a feared Dublin mobster exacted street justice as he battered an apparently defenceless man. The horrific incident happened in recent days in the northside area of Dublin city.

The man was beaten by the thug, linked to Wayne and Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley, after a dispute erupted outside a house. In the footage, one man holds on to the victim to keep him steady while the experienced gangster, a pal of slain gangland general Eamon 'The Don' Dunne, batters the defenceless man repeatedly with an iron bar. The graphic footage shows the convicted crook swinging the weapon with both hands and puts huge force into his strikes as the man flinches in agony.

A source said: "There is no absolute explanation for the beating but the theory is that the man may have been hanging out side the house and the thug got paranoid that he might be a look out for a gunman. The thing here is this was a personal grudge because the senior thug did it himself. Dublin Live have learned that the man who was beaten has since sent a grovelling message apologising to the gangster. The source added: "The man who got the beating then turned around and sent a video apologising to the man who gave him a beating - it is crazy stuff.

The mobster is under significant threat as he the subject of a major, credible hit by a young thug linked to the Kinahan Organised Crime Group.

It is believed that the paranoid gangster is watching his back and has surrounded himself with young thugs who he believes will offer him security. The threat is thought to be from two young thugs who are Kinahan aligned - who have spotted an opening in the northside suburb. A Kinahan controller fled Ireland in the wake of garda attention and is now in Spain. He left his area vacant and the young thug is now trying to take over - they have put the Bradley brothers and their associates in their sights.

The violent criminal is a high ranking member of Wayne and Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley's gang - the notorious mobsters who were pals with Eamon Dunne. During a court case surrounding a heist at a Tesco Supermarket Alan Bradley was said to be second in charge of the Dunne operation. The Don was ultimately gunned down leaving the two brothers as the defacto leaders. But they have fallen foul of powerful figures in Irish gangland and now have a massive threat against their lives.

Reports have recently claimed that Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley has been spotted wearing disguises to avoid hitmen and is living in constant terror of a gun attack. The gang has secured their homes with bullet proof glass and reinforced doors - they have surrounded their properties with high tech CCTV cameras.

Garda armed patrols circle regularly as they try to prevent the inevitable gun shots as the criminals seek out their targets. By Niall O'Connor. Video Loading Video Unavailable.

ballymun gangsters

Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Get all the very latest news in Dublin straight to your email every single day Sign Up!Ballymun Irish : Baile Munna is an outer suburb of DublinIrelandat the northern edge of the Northsidethe development of which began in the s to accommodate a housing crisis in inner city areas of Dublin. The area became well known for its high-rise tower blocks and flat complexes. It has several sub-districts such as Sillogue and Poppintreeand is in close proximity to Dublin Airport.

Ina regeneration plan was announced, which led to demolition of the flats and their replacement by new low-rise housing and some civic amenities, but also saw the loss of most of the area's shops. The regeneration had cost about one billion euro as of Ballymun lies on the plains of southern Fingal the historic area, not the modern administrative councilsloping from northwest to southeast, from the catchment of the Santry River through that of the Wad River.

The Santry rises in Harristown and Dubber, northwest of Ballymun, and crosses and drains the northern parts of the district. The Wad is the area's main watershed, with branches most notably around Poppintree; it flows southeast, eventually reaching the sea at Clontarf [3]. Ballymun neighbours FinglasGlasnevin and Santry.

Ballymun was historically a rural area. The nearest village was Santrydependent on the Domville family. By the s Dublin's housing stock was not only under pressure from a rising population but was also poorly maintained. The seven storey towers were named after Irish Republican revolutionaries, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising.

ballymun gangsters

The flat complexes consisted of five 8-storey "districts" Balbutcher, Balcurris, Coultry, Shangan and Sillogue and three 4-storey "districts," two of which were part of Shangan and Sillogue, the third being located in Sandyhill.

The Poppintree area of Ballymun was constructed in the late s. Some social problems occurred in the early years, as families which had grown up in dense city terraces close to Dublin's retail core, found themselves at the edge of the city, with few amenities beyond a travelling shop. Over time, Ballymun became notorious for a number of social problems, such as drug abuse and unemployment, and was impacted by negative media coverage of the area.

The current Ballymun district is not substantially in the townland historically called "Ballymun" — instead, it occupies several nearby townlandsthe most significant of which is Stormanstown. Due to what were seen to be undesirable associations, some say [ who? For instance, in the early days of Dublin City University DCUthen called NIHE, Dublinthis institution was sometimes referred to as being in Ballymun part of the "Ballymun Project" [ citation needed ]or sometimes in Whitehall, while today it is referred to and has a postal address in Glasnevineven though it has not changed location.

Indeed, much of the present day central Ballymun lies on lands once in the northern reaches of the Albert Agricultural College estate, the forerunner of the present-day DCU. Streets have also been renamed — for example, Ballymun Avenue which was previously Collins Avenue Extension was renamed Glasnevin Avenue after a local plebiscite in the s.

Among the opprobrium heaped on Ballymun, the deployment of the flats has been described by the environmental journalist Frank McDonald, in his book The Construction of Dublinas the Irish state's 'worst planning disaster'. However, at the time of its construction, Ballymun was a sought-after location and prospective tenants had to pass an interview to get housing there.

There were three types of apartment building: seven fifteen-storey towers, nineteen eight-storey blocks and ten four-storey blocks. They were made an offer by Blaney which they couldn't refuse. He offered to build them 2, housing units at a time when their own housing development program had to be ramped up and when you had the additional misfortune of the collapse of the tenement blocks in Fenian Street which meant that Dublin Corporation was bounced into dealing with all of its condemned houses at once They would have taken anything from anybody at that point.

The first tenants moved in between August and December We will leave the decision up to you and for now, just tell you the most dangerous areas in Dublin.

Is Dublin safe or not has a simple answer - Yes, it is a safe city and common sense on avoiding being a victim of crime is to be applied just as in any other European city.

As the wise high sparrow once said, if you grew up in the dodgy areas of Dublin — you can live anywhere without fear. This beautiful neighbourhood was once known for its iconic skyscrapers which were the tallest in Dublin. Only recently in those towers were demolished, bringing down memories and also a safe haven for junkies who could inject needles into their arms without the prying eyes of the cruel world.

This charming suburb offers one of the highest chances of getting assaulted in Dublin. Outsiders are not looked at very kindly, which has helped maintain the indigenous demographics of the area — a great preservation of culture tactic indeed! Featured regularly in the news for action packed reasons such as stabbings and shootings, the area is known for its love for weapons.

There are parts of Finglas that are populated with normal, hard-working decent people but who cares about the boring stuff? Not very far from Ballyfermot is another special sanctuary of peace called Clondalkin. Officially called Clondalkin village in Dublin, the area has a diverse population and several foreigners choose to call it home.

However, it might be in your best interest to note that very recently in — an African origin woman and her family were forced to leave the area after their house was painted with racist graffiti and threats were made. If you like a being an anti-Apartheid activist, please book a viewing at one of the many available accommodations in Clondalkin immediately.

This is as close as it gets to securing some action near the city centre. Judging by their fancy running shoes and sporty pyjamas, you might believe they have just come back from a gym session at the school — you would be wrong on both counts — They neither do sports nor go to school on most days.

Saving the best for last, even the most seasoned home grown Irish are known to leg it when in the vicinity of Sheriff Street just behind the IFSC near the city centre. In the news for drug and gang related activity, we would advise all new arrivals in Dublin to stay away from Sheriff street in Dublin. Depending on where you live and where your loyalties are — this list can be controversial and open to suggestions. This list was purely based on statements from victims of crime in Dublin and Dublin criminal records public information.

Topics: dangerous areas in Dublinbest areas in dublin. Get Revolut Blogs Contact Us. In order to help new arrivals choose wisely, we have compiled a list of No-Go areas in Dublin. Clondalkin — Postcode — Dublin 22 Not very far from Ballyfermot is another special sanctuary of peace called Clondalkin. Sheriff Street — Postcode — Dublin 1 Saving the best for last, even the most seasoned home grown Irish are known to leg it when in the vicinity of Sheriff Street just behind the IFSC near the city centre.

Written by Ciara McLoughlin. Subscribe to Email Updates. Recent Popular Categories. Lists by Topic dangerous areas in Dublin 2 5 important things to do in Dublin 1 Airbnb Dublin 1 Buying a car in Dublin 1 Dublin North side 1 Dublin South side 1 Dublin car ownership cost 1 Dublin living costs expats 1 First 5 things to do for foreigners in Dublin 1 Irish humour 1 No rooms to share Dublin 1 PPS for foreigners 1 PPS number for expats 1 Rental property shortage Dublin 1 Start a new life in Dublin 1 best areas in dublin 1 cost of cars in dublin 1 dangerous areas of Dublin 1 do foreign students get PPS number 1 dublin language 1 dublin public transport 1 dubliner lingo 1 employment documentation checklist ireland 1 expats using public transport dublin 1 foreigners without cars dublin 1 how expensive is dublin 1 how much money is sufficient for living in dublin 1 humour in Ireland 1 slangs of dublin 1 what is funny in ireland 1 see all.A FRAUGHT confrontation between a senior Kinahan lieutenant and an ambitious young hood has shone a light on how the old balances of power in gangland Ireland are shifting.

The Irish Sun on Sunday can reveal that he was summoned to a meeting with cartel associate Ross Browning last week and given a stern warning.

The lethal new gangland feuds and young hoods striking fear in communities across Ireland revealed

But while their gang warfare has dominated the headlines over the past 26 months, it is far from the only one causing bloody mayhem on our streets. The year-old can already count himself lucky to be alive after two hitmen stormed his Ballymun home in August. Although he escaped by jumping over a garden wall, his sister Antoinette Corbally, 36, and his friend Clinton Shannon, 31, were shot dead. Since then, one man cheated death when he was blasted in the leg, shots have been fired at homes and two men were also viciously beaten.

Officers, including the Armed Support Unit and the Emergency Response Unit, have swamped Ballymun and are staging checkpoints to prevent further bloodshed. The young thug booted out of the Kinahan fold last week had been trying to exploit his close links to organised crime to become the No1 gangster in this part of north Dublin.

The ex-Kinahan drug dealer, who travelled to Las Vegas to watch the Conor McGregor fight in August, has been attacked on two occasions while his henchman was also caught with a loaded firearm.

His home has been heavily fortified to prevent gunmen from striking and he has been keeping a low profile in recent months. In a case of mistaken identity, Keith Walker, who had no involvement in crime, was shot dead in June by hitman Christopher McDonald.

The shooting of Ryan as he walked close to his home in Clongriffin, north Dublin was a case of a pre-emptive strike. But there is always a concern some young dissident will target Mr Big to make a name for himself. There are no time limits on feuds. When Brian Rattigan accused former friend Declan Gavin of being an informer and murdered him inhe sparked a bloody war which has since claimed 16 lives.

Gardai have raised concerns that younger members of both factions will continue to prolong the feud by settling old scores. The gang led by Corneilus Price is involved in a bitter battle over the supply of drugs and stolen cars in north county Dublin and Co Meath. His associates shot dead petty criminal Benny Whitehouse outside a school in Balbriggan in September And they are also chief suspects in the disappearance and murder of Willie Maughan, 34 and his girlfriend Ana Varslavane, 21, in Gardai believe the pair were murdered out of fear that they would come forward with information on the Whitehouse slaying.

And while the jailing of mob boss Wayne Dundon for the murder of innocent businessman Roy Collins raised hope that the violence was over, there are still fears of further attacks. Based in Cork, the gangster was responsible for extorting cash from drugs gangs operating in the city. But his reign of terror was ended last December when he was shot dead in the Old Commons Road area of Cork. And there are fears that the murder will lead to further infighting between the dissident terror group.

Gardai also continue to monitor the activities of the Continuity IRA in Dublin after a number of members received death threats from former associates. Traveller feuds have also erupted recently, with shots fired at homes and properties torched in Sligo and Co Laois.Nicky McConnell is expected to have been on the run from other gangsters in Turkey in recent years following the murder of Gareth Hutch.

Armed gardai swooped on a house believed to be linked to a Dublin gangster connected to a gangland murder. Nicky McConnell, a vicious convicted thug from the general Ballymun area of Dublin, is suspected of involvement with the Kinahan Organised Crime Group. McConnell, who is in his thirties, is expected to have been on the run from other gangsters in Turkey in recent years. Sources have said that armed gardai, acting on intelligence, have moved in on the home of a female known to the feared criminal.

A source said: "On Thursday morning members of the ERU put a door in on a house in Ballymun - it's the home of a female he knows. McConnell has a number of previous convictions - he has served time for threatening to kill a woman and put her in the boot of his car as she collected her son from school. He received a three year jail term for the threat to kill the young mother.

McConnell was also spotted by gardai with a sawn-off shot gun in Cork but did not receive any further charges. By Gavin O'Callaghan. Gardai are investigating. Get all the very latest news in Dublin straight to your email every single day Sign Up! When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters.

Watch shocking moment gangster batters man with iron bar on Dublin street

Our Privacy Notice explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. You can unsubscribe at any time. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play. The video will start in 8 Cancel Play now. Kinahan-Hutch gangland feud.

Follow DublinLive. News all Most Read Most Recent. Neighbours from hell as Dublin family evicted from Finglas after complaints to Gardai 'doing mad stuff' in next Ashbourne home Ashbourne The notoriously problematic family have planted their roots in a new spot after being run out of north Dublin. Tragic dad Andrew McGinley shares details of vile message sent to him last month Dublin News Dozens of people showed their support after the grieving dad shared details of the disgusting message.

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Ryanair cutting up to 1, Ireland-UK flights as it blames Ireland's 'defective quarantine restrictions' Ryanair.A feared Ballymun gangster suspected of being one of the shooters who murdered Gareth Hutch is being questioned by gardai.

T he thug, aged in his 30s, was arrested at the weekend under section 50 of the Criminal Justice Act in relation to the murder. Dad-of-one Gareth Hutch was gunned down near his home at Avondale House in Dublin's north inner city on May 23 in the latest murder in the deadly Kinahan-Hutch feud which has claimed seven lives. The career criminal, who is now in custody, has some 80 previous convictions for offences including threatening to kill a woman, drug dealing, criminal damage, road traffic and possession of firearms.

On top of his organised crime connections, the north Dublin man also has connections with a well-known Dublin businessman, who has been the subject of garda raids in the past but has denied any involvement in crime. The arrested criminal was previously involved in another feud that gripped Ballymun after a man was shot in the back of the head more than a decade ago. He was shot several times and the two men escaped on foot.

ballymun gangsters

It came just 24 hours after Mr Hutch had confided in a local councillor that he feared he would be shot in front of his young son and was requesting a move to a different apartment which would be safer. The latest arrest came after two people were charged in connection with the killing of Gareth Hutch.

Thomas Fox has been charged with the unlawful possession of a handgun - a Markarov 9mm - in connection with the murder. Fox, of Rutland Court, Dublin 1, has been further remanded in custody and will appear in court again on June Mary McDonnell 43with an address at Avondale House, has also been charged and is accused of withholding information from investigating officers.

She is due in court again next week. Close Gareth Hutch. Facebook Twitter Email Whatsapp. Facebook Twitter Email. Connections The career criminal, who is now in custody, has some 80 previous convictions for offences including threatening to kill a woman, drug dealing, criminal damage, road traffic and possession of firearms. He was released from prison last year.Search Search. Menu Sections. The coffin is carried to the graveyard after the funeral of Zach Parker at St.

Picture: INM. A massive garda investigation is ongoing into the murder of Parker 23 who was shot dead outside a Swords gym on Thursday, January As part of their operations, they recently charged a close female associate of the criminal with a number of motoring offences. It is suspected the Kinahan cartel hitman is actively recruiting vulnerable teenagers from his south inner city flat complex to carry out attacks on behalf of the crime gang.

He is the chief suspect in at least one murder in north Dublin as well as four other gun attacks. Gardai also suspect the criminal was behind a spate of non-fatal shooting incidents in the Ballymun area last summer. The gangster was previously arrested in August of last year for a botched murder attempt on Hutch gang associate Gately three months earlier. The Kinahan-backed drug dealer was the main target for rival mobsters and was the only criminal involved in the warfare to be officially warned by gardai about an active threat to his life.

However, none of this mattered to the gang who murdered Zack and injured his completely innocent pal James Morrison 25 in the gun attack.

ballymun gangsters

Parker, who worked as a barber, died after at least five shots were fired into the BMW X5 he was travelling in with his friend, Mr Morrison, in the passenger seat. The girlfriend of a man gunned down outside a gym two weeks ago has tearfully told mourners at his funeral that he was her one true love. Facebook Twitter Email Whatsapp.

Ken Foy February 02 PM. Facebook Twitter Email.

Armed guards kick down door of home linked to Dublin gangster

Close The coffin is carried to the graveyard after the funeral of Zach Parker at St. Read More 'My first and one true love' - tearful farewell to shooting victim Zach Parker.

Bonfire battles on Dublin's streets

Related Content Irish News 'My first and one true love' - tearful farewell to shooting victim Zach Parker The girlfriend of a man gunned down outside a gym two weeks ago has tearfully told mourners at his funeral that he was her one true love.

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