Shimano 105 r5800 vs r7000

Toggle navigation. Categories Discussions Sign in. October edited October in Road buying advice. First thought was to go forbut I wondered if anyone has any experience with the cheaper composite bodied R?

I understand that like the s they have a wider contact point than the Rs which I like the sound of, but I've also read a couple of reports of the cleat retention bit coming adrift. I also wonder how the composite material fares at the front where the cleat clips in? Maybe the best compromise is a pair of used s from Ebay October I have both the R's and 's. For the price the 's are what I would choose, performance wise they are as high up the pecking order as anyone need go, Ultegra and Dura-Ace are really only saving a few grams for significant cost increase.

Good shout! Yeah that is where I got them from. I think they are the best balance of performance and price. The R's are moving toward Ultegra price. I have all three, and between the R and R I can feel no difference whatsoever, the R 'feel' being every bit as good as the 's.

My 's weigh in at 35g lighter for the pair. Having said all that I actually don't notice anything wrong with the R's either, except that they are heavier still. Hope that helps. Rs have a metal body and plastic wear plate. Rs have a plastic body and metal wear plate.

Net result is Rs creak after a few months, Rs don't, plus they are lighter. I have s as well, can't notice the difference in use though my s are a couple of generations behind the Rs.

Well my son gave me a Wiggle voucher for my birthday, so I'll be shopping with them shortly sorry Evans. Plus having just read about 2 different pedals stuck in crank arms, I like the fact that these have flats for a pedal spanner. I always use copperslip on pedal threads, and I've never had one stuck, but sometimes they've still needed quite a heave on a pedal spanner to shift them. Most memorably when my son was trying to remove the pedals from his old bike and I found him standing on the pedal spanner, unaware that the LH pedal was reverse threaded He's built like an American fridge, so it's a miracle we ever got the thing off!RM 1, NOTE : R is newly launch model.

Above specifications are for user reference purposes. Please put a remark of your configuration. Price exclude installation labor. The recent launched of new Shimano R is leap forward from R series. It has significant improvement on design, weight, and high performance rapid-shifting as Ultegra and Dura Ace. Shimano R has wide range of gear combination options available to tackle different challenge of riding whether riding back home or abroad. For instance, cassette ratio, from, In addition, if you are technical knowledge rider, front derailleur adjustment has simplified.

Since the launch of Shimano Dura Ace R and Shimano Ultegra R, the cable adjustment no longer required a cable adjuster barrier which can save some gram maybe 2g and it give more precise in shifting. Besides, rear derailleurs. Shimano R is most value 11s components. If you are not weight oriented rider, this is great components which can feel the performance of rapid shifting as higher-end series.

Shimano is the bicycle gear components global leader from comfort to performance. Shimano's component range includes cranksets,brakes, wheels and pedals for road, mountain, and hybrid bikes. Shimano also makes high quality, performance cycling clothing and footwear.

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Shimano Shimano is the bicycle gear components global leader from comfort to performance. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Related products. RM So, how exactly does it differ from the old model, and how has Shimano created a race-ready weapon? Read on to find out. For years, the Shimano mechanical groupset has been the bread-and-butter of the majority of riders, so to see it receive an overhaul is enormously exciting.

The aesthetic differences between the two are immediate. Previously, with Shimano the cassette was available in three different options,and It does however, make the rings no longer compatible with the old front derailleur design.

Moving up to the controls, the new Shimano R hoods and levers get the same ergonomic do-over that Ultegra R received. That means a down-sizing of the whole hood, making it far less bulky in the hand to the previous and the addition of a chamfered top, which should make it easy to hold in the rain or with sweaty hands. Again, the new R front derailleur receives the same good looks as Ultegra R It has a compact toggle designed, better tyre clearance and an integrated cable tension port removing the need for an in-cable barrel adjusted.

The rear mech on the new is also light years ahead of the older version. There are two rear mechs available, including the optional long cage version which can accommodate an t cassette.

Previously, the longest cage available could only handle a 32t sprocket.

shimano 105 r5800 vs r7000

Both the front and rear derailleurs should offer the same light, short-stroke shifts as the Ultegra model. It took a bit of time for Shimano to add a hydraulic braking option to the old groupset, and when it did it never branded it Shimanoinstead calling it ST-RS That means the hoods are smaller than the previous RS versions, and the new-ergonomically shaped levers have a wider range of reach adjustment to suit different hands.

The good news is that still comes in the silver colour way to better suit those classic bike frames. Currently, we have no news on materials, weights or prices. Things get even more interesting here, with Shimano R actually being cheaper across many components.

The older Shimano prices are on the left:. Home News Product News.Both Shimano and Shimano Ultegra are speed groupsets with the same capacity for sprocket and chainring sizes. Shimano Ultegra is a bit more refined that Shimanowith lighter materials in some areas and details like more durable coatings on some parts.

Features trickle down from Shimano's pro-level Dura-Ace groupset, so its next refresh will tell us what to expect the following years from Ultegra and The executive summary: Ultegra is a bit lighter and more durable; it's the way to go if you're racing or logging mega miles and can't afford Dura-Ace, but for most riders does the job admirably.

Brands group these parts together in various different levels.

Shimano 105 R7000 groupset — everything you need to know

Additionally, Dura-Ace and Ultegra are available with Di2 electronic shifting. Shimano usually updates each groupset every three years.

The latest version of Shimano is called R the disc brakes are R and the most up to date Ultegra is R the disc brakes are R, the Di2 is R and Di2 with hydraulic disc brakes is R We quote official recommended retail prices here, of course, but we've also included typical online prices.

Both and Ultegra are speed systems and there are many more similarities between them than differences. Although Ultegra is more expensive, all of the same technology features inand you operate them in exactly the same way. The differences are mainly down to materials used, and because of this components are a little heavier.

We've put all the prices and weights into a table at the bottom, just to make life easier for you. Check out our full Shimano review here and read our full Shimano Ultegra review here. The dual control levers are high points of both the Ultegra and above groupsets and they each work in exactly the same way. The curve for your index finger is more pronounced and if, like me, you like to wrap your finger around the bar when on the hoods then you'll find it very comfortable.

The levers have been redesigned with shifting mechanisms that make the shift a bit more snappy than before, and the shape of the lever is squarer, slightly more compact and features a patterned rubber cover for extra grip on the hoods. There is a difference in the materials used. Ultegra dual control levers have carbon-fibre reinforced plastic brackets and main levers while has glass-fibre reinforced plastic brackets and aluminium main levers.

Shopping tip : check out Decathlon's workshop spares sectionoften the cheapest source for single levers. This is technology that started off in the top-level Dura-Ace groupset and has trickled down via Ultegra. Both and Ultegra below are available with tooth, tooth and tooth chainrings, and Ultegra is also available in a tooth cyclocross option.

shimano 105 r5800 vs r7000

All of them use the same bolt circle diameter mm so you can easily swap a tooth outer chainring for a tooth, for example. The and Ultegra chainsets use the same technology and the same materials in key areas.

Although many rivals have shifted to carbon-fibre cranks, Shimano has stuck with aluminium. Its Hollowtech technology results in a hollow crank arm to keep the weight low while retaining stiffness.

The chainset's outer chainring is heavily machined on the inside face to reduce weight, retaining splines across the machined section to make sure stiffness isn't compromised.

It's not quite as technically advanced as the Ultegra outer chainring which features a two-piece construction, but you wouldn't know unless you looked at it from the back.Join Walk Run Cycle. Forums New posts. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Current visitors. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search….

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Is Shimano 105 all the groupset you really need?

With the release of the new R spec I was thinking are the parts compatible? If I needed to replace for example my levers would they work with the other components? I was thinking I could do a slow changeover as parts wore out. Location Desford Leicestershire. Johnno said:. Not everyone wants 11 speed chains and the thinner sprockets and rings. Or if I see components going cheap.

Location Southsea. I have just 'upgraded' from an elderly 12 yr Ultegra to the new R I just picked up the bike last night, but on looking at it and making a few changes on a static bike, it is impressive and much smoother than my old groupset. The reason for the upgrade was that I needed, rear derailleur, cassette and the STI shifters were worn. Once I had costed the 10 speed replacement parts, it was not a big jump to a brand new groupset.

Milkfloat An Peanut. Location Midlands. Milkfloat said:. You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more….This article first appeared on BikeRadar. Shimano Dura-Ace R series: Not just for the road. Shimano Ultegra RX road clutch rear derailleur spotted.

True to form, Shimano has trickled down the technology and aesthetics of its latest Dura-Ace and Ultegra groupsets to the component group of the proletariat.

The new Shimano R group ushers in a host of refinements that make this budget-friendly group even more appealing. This new group has three different dual-control levers. All share the same streamlined look of the higher end Ultegra R levers with slimmed down hydraulic internals, improved ergonomics and 15mm of reach adjustment.

These replace the non-series RS brake levers, which worked well but had bulges for the hydraulic internals that some riders found awkward in hand. Rounding out this trio is the ST-R, which is a hydraulic Dual-Control lever with 4mm less reach to the lever blades.

This is sure to be a hit with juniors, women and any riders will small hands. Accompanying the new hydraulic levers is a new BR disc brake caliper. It uses the same brake pads as Dura-Ace and Ultegra. The rotor will be available in mm as well as a mm version. Shimano is still offering plenty of options for rim brake riders. The company has improved tire clearance on its latest generation of stoppers to fit 28mm tires. Shimano offers the BR-R series brakes in versions for direct mount front, seatstays, and chainstays configurations.

The centerpiece of the new kit is the FC-R crankset. It features the same look of Dura-Ace and Ultegra with hollow alloy arms and a new mm crankarm option. Accompanying the crankset are a wide range of cassette options. There are now level cassettes in,and the wide-range CS-HG t version. The CS-HG version will also fit on speed freehub bodies with a spacer.

Shimano 105 v Shimano Ultegra — choose the best groupset for you

The new Shimano is more compact, allowing for improved tire clearance for cyclocross and gravel bikes. The latest level front derailleur benefits from the design of the latest Dura-Ace front derailleur. Shimano claims it requires less effort to initiate upshifts and improved cable routing options.

Last but not least, we have the new rear derailleurs. Shimano claims the design reduces crash vulnerability and improves shift performance. Shimano offers this rear derailleur in a short cage SS version for to t cassettes as well as a medium cage GS model for wider range t cassettes.

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shimano 105 r5800 vs r7000

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